• Discord webook integration

    From DaiTengu@VERT/ENSEMBLE to Hunter-Z on Mon Nov 1 10:53:42 2021
    Re: Discord webook integration
    By: Hunter-Z to All on Sat Oct 23 2021 07:27 pm

    Since we're using Discord and Synchronet is now heavy into JavaScript, I thought I'd try hooking the two together. I've had limited success using an HTTPRequest from Synchronet's http.js to send POST requests to a Discord webhook URL, but I've run into some issues and limitations that I could use some advice on.

    Hey, so a couple years ago I expanded upon echicken's twitter.js library, and created a script to post to Twitter any time someone logged on, logged off, posted a message or ran a door game. (I also believe there's an option to tweet if someone uploads/downloads a file, but I don't think it works correctly).


    That might be a good starting point, at least for the hooks you want.


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